Company Quality Policy

Scan Building Services Limited has determined that the objectives of the company are to provide a Quality Service to all Customers, and to continually strive to achieve Customer satisfaction. Company policy is to ensure that contract requirements are clearly stated, understood and carried out in the most efficient and effective manner.

In order to achieve this high standard, materials and sub-contract services are procured in a controlled way, with suppliers being assessed to make sure that they can and do comply fully With the specification requirements. Inspections are carried out to ensure that sub-standard materials are not used, and that quality services are maintained consistently.

If customer complaints do arise every effort is made to resolve the problems and prevent recurrence.

All employees are familiar With the aims of the company with regard to rendering a Quality Service. Each employee is made fully aware of their responsibilities in understanding, implementing and maintaining Quality Standards and performance.

The company works as a team and continually seeks organisational and quality improvement, by reviewing new methods and suggestions of solving and preventing problems.

All systems and procedures are defined to meet the requirements of BS 5750, ISO 9000 and EN 29000.

Company Policy Regarding Health & Safety At Work

General Statement

It is the policy of Scan Building Services Limited to work Within the framework of the “Health & Safety at Work Act 1974” and all other statutory requirements.

We regard the statutory requirements as being the minimum acceptable standard and we will endeavour to raise these, above that required law.

We believe that this is primarily a Management responsibility which ranks equally with the Company’s commercial activities, and we will take the necessary steps to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of our employees whether on Company premises or carrying out Company business elsewhere. We also realise that this duty of care extends to other persons while they are on company premises.

Equally we feel it is the duty of all employees to co-operate with management in all aspects of Health, Safety and Welfare at work. Every employee is obliged to work as safely as possible and avoid injury to themselves or others. The Company will provide protective clothing or equipment necessary to meet its legal obligations and employees must ensure these are used.

So far as is reasonably practicable the Company Will provide resources including finance and expertise to ensure:

  • A safe: place of work
  • Safer systems of work
  • Safe access and egress to and from work Safe plant and equipment
  • Safe and suitable welfare facilities

The Company Will also provide information, instructions, training and supervision to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees at work.

Individual supervisors will be responsible for their own area of work and must ensure that everything reasonably practicable is being done to prevent injuries and ill health wherever work activities are taking place.

It is our sincere belief that high standards of Health, Safety and Welfare can be achieved in conjunction With high productivity, but at no time must production be given preference if there is a risk of injury to personnel.

The Company will at regular intervals consult With the Trade Union representatives on matters of Health, Safety and Welfare and employees are encouraged to make practicable suggestions for improvement using this channel.

Sub-Contractors and others engaged on work for the Company will be expected to comply with all Health, Safety and Welfare regulations be they statutory or made by the Company. Failure to observe these regulations will lead to immediate termination of the contract and expulsion from the site or premises.